by Audio Dandy

Part 1

the Audio Dandy Ultimate Audiophile AV Streamer

This is the first part of a serie of articles about the Audio Dandy Audiophile Audio Video Streamer
You can build this Audiophile Audio Streamer yourself or if you want a completely built version you
can contact me at audiodandy@wp.eu

This streamer is different in a lot of ways compaired to other commercial products that you buy now.
In this in-depth article we explain you in detail what makes this product so unique and
why we think this is the best Audiophile Audio Video Streamer in the world.

First of all, what is a Audio Video Streamer
and why should I want one?

An Audio Video Streamer is a component that makes it possible to playback your digital collection of music files and movies.

To make a very complicated story simple; you can say that a Audio Video Streamer transports the digital music files and movies
from the storage (your NAS) to the DAC and your HD/4K television

The main task of the Audio Video Streamer is to make sure that your music files are delivered "bit perfect"
to your DAC without adding or removing any bits of the original music file
and that you can watch your favourite Blu-ray movies in full HD or 4K with DTS-HD Master Audio sound

Control your entire music and movie collection

Another important task of the Audio Video Streamer is that it offers you a comfortable way to browse
through your entire digital music and movie collection.

So that you can remotely choose which music you want to listen too.

Play it all

The Audio Video Streamer can playback all your music and movies in the highest quality possible
The Audio Dandy AV Streamer can playback all audio and video formats available
The most populair audio standards for Audiophiles are:


of course the Audio Video Streamer can also playback all video standards
like Blu-ray, MKV, DVD, MP4 and all other video standards

Modulair from design

We designed the Audio Dandy AV Stream to be fully modulair and futureproof
Our design is completly upgradable and
all parts can be changed by the owner without any problems.
You have all freedom to change or modify the design to your special needs

You want a videocard for a better gaming experience?
You want more local SSD storage for your music and movie files?
You want another USB or I2S audio controller?

All this is possible because all parts are fully exchangeable due to the standardized
computer components we used in our design.

The best Audiophile quality possible

All the components are of the highest audiophile quality
The Audio Dandy AV Streamer has "I2S" for the best possible audio connection
with your DAC.
The Audio Dandy AV Streamer and can also be upgraded with a external lineair power supply
for the highest quality

We will explain more of this exciting product soon !

Part 2 - Silence and Power


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